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Deep breathe in. Deep breathe out 💨

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My Snack 💋

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Imma break you off, let me be your motivation • baby, turn around, let me give you innovation In Frame || @cindytdinh

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我们的无所谓, 只为了隐藏心里那一点在乎感。

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@theoriginal.page SLAYED this shoot. Literally this photo makes me cry with happiness! Who knew such a simple location could make a phenomenal pic? Outfit by @libbystoryridgeland location @msmuseumart❤️

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It’s a @stetsonusa

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My question of the day to all of you is... Are you following your dreams? Does this current time in your life fulfill you? Are you happy? If you've said no to any of those... What's stopping you from chasing the things that fill your heart right up? What are you afraid of? Fear has stepped in my way more times than I can count. But I promise if you just trust and push through, it's worth it. 🌟 In frame : @zyylstraa

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your love is not too kind.

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Feeling alienated by you lately and I’m starting to like it 🛸 . . . Featuring @tatyanaweeby

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today with rachel 🌷 #35mm

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This is one of my earliest photos from 2008! I processed & developed this 35mm print (excuse the old scan quality!) and I'm now remembering the magic of creating in the darkroom & what an exciting time it was. I love film so much that I'm not sure I'd still be a photographer without it - its tangible quality & incomparable process lends to such a true feeling of creating. . Pictured here is my very dear friend & artist @taliajones.art - we met in a painting class 12 years ago and have felt like sisters ever since (and are even asked by strangers if we are each time we've hung out! Of course we tell them yes 😹). Back in the day we'd always go on coffee & photo adventures and I love that I had such an inspiring friend during this meaningful time in my life. We now live across the country but once we plan our next rendezvous, we will definitely have tons of new film to share! . Would you like to see more of my older work or for me to share film photography tips? 🎞❤ Let me know below! Also, what's your favorite medium to create in?

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Another fun on-location shoot! This time with @stephchoinash and her beautiful family. Can’t get enough of her little cutie ❤️ BTS shots by @mukul.soman

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Do ensaio da clara ❤️

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From the Shawnee Balloon Fest a couple of weekends ago. Never thought our state, let alone Shawnee, could ever have anything this cool!

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5 tahun dari awal sejak kenal 4 tahun dari awal berpacaran 2 tahun menjalani pernikahan, InshaAllah bersama sampai maut memisahkan 🥰 Love u hubby @ressapradika

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📸 We are all stories in the end

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Olha esse sonhoooo de foto que fizemos hoje no nosso WS presencial! O que vc está esperando pra fazer o seeeeu? Bora evoluir ❤️

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Colors of the wind... 🍃

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Sinta o amor puro que existe dentro de você. A sua alma reflete a verdadeira beleza que existe em ti, e esse despertar, cabe a você realizá-lo. Quanto à preparação, vivência e registro desse momento, deixe comigo 😉📸❤️

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“Eventually, everything connects.” 💫

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