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pussy so good the gods had 2 lock me away, they callin out 4 me like danae. 🖼 ; gustav klimt

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i am in an inferno of my own creation... maybe if i liberate the meat ball in my skull things will make sense. 🖼 ; gustave doré

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acid bath princess of darkness goes to the di$co

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Hades Rammsteïn Rambler, mama's favorite hell hound. in my heart 4eva!🖤

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hey pooh , u got tha hunny?

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man kills girlfriend, man calls @crimescenecleanersinc to come clean the mess he made after disposing of body. shoes are in trash. man is caught. LMAO WHAT A FUCKING DUMBASS

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split my head in 2 beksinski

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self inflicted, not fatal. lol i bought a @crimescenecleanersinc shirt n i giggle @ tha irony of that i could possibly die in that shirt and the number 2 scrape me off the road iz on my back. is that "dark humor"?

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my glamorous brown ass needs 2 go 2 more costume parties, galas, and maybe some... discos?👀 if there ain't an ndn at ur party then it wasn't a party, sorry not sorry, i don't make the rulez. 💋🕊

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i don't need to sell my soul...

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