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@drdemolitionmatt bought the hype, but don’t worry I think we got it figured out. For the last time everyone DEADLIFTING IS NOT A CRIME!! Today is the last day the shirts are available. They got pulled off the site cuz you guys were going crazy buying them all, but they’re back up for the rest of today and today only!! LINK IN MY BIO. Also, how hilarious was @drdemolitionmatt Kramer style entrance? 😂😂😂 : : #sanantonio #austintexas #newbraunfels #boise #americanmonster #strongandpretty #tilthewheelsfalloff #deadlift #bunkerbrandingco

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I’m working away cutting all the shirts for you guys, so don’t fret they’ll be shipped soon. My chubby fingers are holding up, but it will be a long time before I subject myself to this torture again!! I have the DEADLIFTING IS NOT A CRIME shirts available for one more day, so snag them before they’re gone! (link in bio) Thanks for all the support and I hope you like your cuts!! : : #sanantonio #austintexas #newbraunfels #boise #americanmonster #tilthewheelsfalloff #strongandpretty #bunkerbrandingco

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Between the three of us there are a lot of differences, but there are some big similarities. We have all busted our ass to earn our place; not a thing was handed to us. We hold tight to our families and love our children. We will risk our own well being to showcase a sport we love, even when we’re filming with injuries and upcoming competitions. Lastly we all have each other’s backs, no matter how bad we want to win. I can always count on these men. We also all have terrible gas, wait that’s not true. Brian never has gas, seriously NEVER. It’s weird... I hate you guys more than anything and I can’t wait to get back to hanging out and filming season 2 together. 📸 @donnyfotos : : #sanantonio #austintexas #newbraunfels #boise #americanmonster #strongandpretty #tilthewheelsfalloff #strongestmaninhistory

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For the people out there feeling sensitive about their deadlift or what they think is my opinion on it. First listen to the thing that “offends” you, then be offended 🤷‍♂️ and just in case you’re wondering, in my opinion DEADLIFTING IS NOT A CRIME. The shirts are on sale for 48 more hours at the link in my bio. : : #sanantonio #austintexas #newbraunfels #boise #tilthewheelsfalloff #americanmonster #strongandpretty #bunkerbrandingco

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This is photographic proof that @shawstrength is always leaving the hard work for me while he stands around. I’ve been dragging this lug all around the world filming @strongestmaninhistory and doing all the work, but now the people will know!! On a serious note, did you guys think it was cooler watching the truck pull on Evel Live 2 or the taxi flip on Good Morning America?? I liked the taxi more, cuz the city background was awesome and I actually did more then stand there and look pretty. 🤓 : : #sanantonio #newbraunfels #austintexas #boise #americanmonster #tilthewheelsfalloff #strongandpretty #strongestmaninhistory #americanmade

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There are a lot of hurt feeling about what I said on Joe Rogan’s podcast so I wanted to make sure my point got across. SHIRT LINK IN MY BIO FOR 72 hours. If your feelings are hurt then this hug is for you 🤗 : : #sanantonio #austintexas #texas #newbraunfels #boise #bunkerbrandingco #americanmonster #tilthewheelsfalloff #strongandpretty #deadlift

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The barefoot duo is done with New York. @m.nesgoda and I came and took over, but now it’s time to leave. I honestly started to have a hard time being so boxed in. We were sitting down at a cheesecake spot and I needed some air, so I stepped outside and it was even stuffier!! I almost had a panic attack, but took some breaths and grabbed ahold of myself. I feel like a caged animal in this city and while the people were very welcoming and the fans were awesome, I had to get out. Between living in Texas and Boise I’m an open sky kind of guy. Monsters need their space!! How about you guys? We all have different things that make us tick. Do you like the connectedness and hustle of the city or open space? (I was gonna say HUSTLE and BUSTLE but I don’t know what bustle is) No matter how you feel, just keep pushing to be your best. Til The Wheels Fall Off my friends. : : #sanantonio #newbraunfels #austintexas #texas #boise #newyork #newyorkcity #americanmonster #strongandpretty #tilthewheelsfalloff

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Tonight at 10 Eastern time we take on Thomas Topham in England!!! We will attempt world records, will we break them or will they break us? For people who’ve been following me for a while know how much fun we had filming this. I showed these tea sipping Queen lovers how we do it in America!! Tune in to the History Channel tonight and see it at 10 pm Eastern. : : 📸 @donnyfotos #sanantonio #newbraunfels #austintexas #texas #boise #americanmonster #tilthewheelsfalloff #strongandpretty #strongestmaninhistory

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At times it feels like I’m riding a tornado and I’m not sure if I’m going to land on my feet or my head. Taking risks and believing in yourself can feel like an impossible choice for even the strongest amongst us, but it’s the faith that it take to stare those fears in the face and not backdown, not waiver, that ultimately sew the seeds of your success. To have anything you have to believe you deserve it. When you see the wind pick up and that tornado comes for you, don’t lower your eyes; open them with a smile on your face and ride that mother fucker Til The Wheels Fall Off my friends!! Have a great day everyone. Also, today is the LAST DAY you can get hand cut shirts that I will do myself. Any shirt you want, including the new American flag STRONG and PRETTY one. LINK IN MY BIO. : : #sanantonio #newbraunfels #austintexas #dallas #texas #boise #strongandpretty #americanmonster #tilthewheelsfalloff #bunkerbrandingco

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WARNING THIS E-BOOK CONTAINS DEADLIFTS. Somehow I’ve been painted as the anti deadlift guy 🤷‍♂️ Can’t really help people there, BUT I did just release a training book on STARTINGSTRONGMAN.COM explaining my building back up from almost retiring to my second time qualifying for the finals at Worlds Strongest Man. I explain how I worked to build my deadlift from zeroing at Worlds to easily hitting reps this year and all the knowledge I collected from picking the brains of the best deadlifters on the planet. My shoulder routine that’s built me to become one of the greatest pressers of all time and how I kept my mobility through it all. There’s also a training routine for you to try for yourself. Check out @startingstrongman or go straight to the website and find out how you can be STRONG and PRETTY too! : : #sanantonio #austintexas #newbraunfels #boise #tilthewheelsfalloff #americanmonster #strongandpretty #startingstrongman

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Me and the boys we’re visiting the set of @goodmorningamerica and decided to ease traffic a bit by flipping over this taxi. WE RUN NEW YORK!! Make sure to tune in Wednesday night 10 Eastern 7 Pacific to @strongestmaninhistory on @history and we’ll do a big surprise for the live audience!! : : Last 2 days you can get shirts hand cut by me and my sausage fingers! LINK IN BIO : : #tilthewheelsfalloff #americanmonster #strongandpretty #newyork #newbraunfels #strongestmaninhistory #goodmorningamerica #sanantonio #austintexas #texas #boise

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Everyone knows I’m loud and everyone knows I’m not afraid to stand chest to chest and tell someone how I feel. I’ve earned everything I have the hard way and shed my fair share of blood on the climb, so anyone who wants to have words, I’M NOT HARD TO FIND. The only people I see talking trash are the ones that are selling something, dislike me already, or they didn’t even listen to what I said about deadlift and are spouting nonsense based on clickbate titles. The vote is in and it’s been agreed upon that I was correct. Take your medicine and sit down or come see me. I’d be happy to fix your problem for you. 🏴‍☠️ : : 📸 @kinseyleighphoto #tilthewheelsfalloff #americanmonster #strongandpretty #austintexas #sanantonio #newbraunfels #boise

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