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😻AFFORDABLE SMOKEY EYE - I USED ALL AFFORDABLE TOOLS TOO! ..just a WARNING..you’re gonna wonder what in the panda I’m doing, but just give it a min.. it all comes together in the end🐼 . 🙊Whenever I want to do a really smokey eye, I save myself a lot of time and frustration by doing my eyes first and being as messy as I want! Youll save 3.1459 hours doing it this way, rather than trying to perfect a sharp smokey eye with your face makeup already done . 💦THE RECIPE TO MY BOMB A$$ DIY FACE MIST IS ON MY IG STORY! . 🙌🏽Some of my fav affordable brushes are from @nyxcosmetics and @wetnwildbeauty and my FAV sponge is from @realtechniques . 🐛BROWS: @maybelline BROW TATTOO I LOVE THIS! When I first saw it, I was like why would I use that .. but then I stopped being a hater and I tried it and I FELL IN LOVE!! This “stains” your eyebrows for a couple days so you dont have to fill them in every time! . 👀EYES: 👁CONTACTS: SOLOTICA AQUARELLA in GOLDEN OCHRE ✍🏽LINER: @pixibeauty ENDLESS SILKY EYE PEN in BLACK on my waterline and smudged on my lid ..work on ONE eye at a time to make your life easy 💀SHADOW: @milanicosmetics SOFT & SULTRY palette - this is one of my FAV drugstore palettes! The shadows are SO PIGMENTED and feel really high end and blend like a dream! Im applying the black close to my lash line, then blending a taupe brown in the crease, then darkening the lash line again with black. One of my FAV WAYS to clean up my crease is to use a translucent powder on a big fluffy brush to blend everything out! If u have a hard time blending.. TRY THIS TRICK!! 👏🏾LASHES: @lorealmakeup UNLIMITED mascara #REALLASHES . 🤡FACE: 👽CONTOUR: #lorealmakeup TRUE MATCH SUPER BLENDABLE CONCEALER in DARK 👻CONCEALER: @nyxcosmetics CANT STOP WONT STOP in NATURAL 👹FOUNDATION: #wetnwildbeauty PHOTOFOCUS STICK FOUNDATION in GOLDEN TAN ❄️POWDER: @colourpopcosmetics NO FILTER POWDER in TRANSLUSCENT 🌞BRONZER: @lagirlcosmetics PRO FACE HD POWDER in TRUE BRONZE . 💋LIPS: 👄LINER: #colourpop LIPPIE PENCILE in BFF3 💄LIQUID LIPSTICK: #loreal ROUGE SIGNATURE in EMPOWER - fav liquid lipstick of ALL TIME . 🎵: @prometheus_the_titan x @prekairo - FINAL GOODBYES . #farahdhukai

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💦HOW I GIVE MY HAIR THE “WET” LOOK WHILE GIVING IT THE BEST HAIR GROWTH LEAVE IN TREATMENT! . 💁🏽‍♀️This will not only give you the trendy wet hair look but it’ll also help GROW YOUR HAIR and MOISTURIZE IT while you look hella cute at the same damn time! . 👇🏽WHAT YOU NEED: 🔥FLAX GEL (diy) - fill your bottle 3/4 full with this 🍑APRICOT OIL - fill your bottle 1/4 full with this….No substitutions!! Apricot is very lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy or slimy 10-15 drops ESSENTIAL OIL OF YOUR CHOICE! I’m using sweet orange cuz I like to smell like oranges 🌪It will look like all the ingredients arent mixing but you have to shake it really well during EVERY use and all the ingredients will incorporate beautifully! . This stays fresh in the fridge for 3 weeks . 🌊I like to apply this on 3rd day DRY HAIR to extend my time before I need to wash my hair. I like to style my hair with a wave after I put this in my hair because the style will then last me another 3 days!! This is one of the tricks that I use to prevent washing my hair and it DOES NOT look OILY OR GREASY it just looks soft and touchable and “wet” . 🤠How much you apply, depends on how thick your hair is. Start off with a small amount and build up to get the wet look that you desire! . 😴You could also apply this on DAMP hair and braid it and leave it overnight to get the wave but my hair takes 10 years to dry completely so I just use a hot tool. I got my tool from Sephora during the sale..it’s a 3 barrel waver from @amika . 💧If I want an EXTREMELY WET, just got out of the pool look, Ill wash my hair with JUST WATER.. NO SHAMPOO.. and then apply this more generously (which is what I did in the video before this one) . ❤️One of my FAV things about this wet look serum is the fact that it prolongs your hairstyle for SO LONG andddd once you wash it out with shampoo, your hair will be RIDICULOUSLY SOFT and SHINY!! . 👍🏾LIKE THIS VIDEO if you want to see MORE LIKE THIS and TAG A FRIEND THAT YOUD MAKE THIS WITH!👇🏽 . 🎵: @a.chal - TYPE . #farahdhukai #diy #naturalhair

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💦WET makeup look inspired by @makeupbymario x @kimkardashian for the #metgala . 🦋BASE MASKING with @farsalicare HYDRATION BAE while I work on my eyes… I like to let the gel absorb while I do my eyebrows/eye makeup and then pop the little blue bubbles to activate the second serum . 🐙EYEBROS: @sephoracollection RETRACTABLE BROW PENCIL in DARK CHARCOAL . 👀EYES: 👣LIQUID SHADOW: #hudabeautymeltedshadows MATTE & METAL liquid shadow in DOUBLE PUMP LATTE.. I love using this as a base for most of my eye looks 🦄EYESHADOW PALETTE: @natashadenona BIBA palette - I used FRECKLE in the crease, and then I mixed BUFF and PASHA for my inner and outer corners, SHINE on the centre of my lid (which I misted with #farsalicare ROSE GOLD SKIN MIST to make it super metallic) SPOT as an eyeliner and SPOT mixed with COCOA for my lower lash line 🌟LIQUID GLITTER: @stilacosmetics MAGNIFICENT METALS in SMOULDERING SATIN (I used this for the chunky glitter, then topped it with SHINE for a more fine metallic) Then to add some EXTRA WET WET to the look I topped the centre of my lid with #hudabeautynymph in LUNA #hudabeauty 🔪EYELINER: @pixibeauty ENDLESS SILKY EYE PENCIL in BLACKCOCOA Im using my eyelash curler upside down to curl my lower lashes.. 💸MASCARA: @hourglasscosmetics CAUTION #REALLASHES My contacts are solotica aquarella in sienna brown . 🤡FACE: 🤑GLOW: @hudabeauty N.Y.M.P.H in LUNA 😺FOUNDATION: @stellarbeautyofficial LIMITLESS foundation in S14 🐼CONCEALER: @nyxcosmetics CANT STOP WONT STOP in TRUE BEIGE ❄️POWDER: @fentybeauty PRO FILT’R in BUTTER - ONLY apply this on the under eyes and area you want to set ☀️BRONZER/CONTOUR: #hudabeautytantour in LIGHT .. this formula is BOMB!! It reminds me a lot of my fav contour product ever from TOM FORD but this one actually sets to a powder I LOVE! 🤗BLUSH: @ctilburymakeup FILMSTAR BRONZE & GLOW in MEDIUM/DARK ✨GLOW MIST: @farsalicare ROSE GOLD SKIN MIST ⚡️HIGHLIGHT: #charlottetilbury GOLD BAR TRIO - im highlighting basically EVERYTHING..+ my nostrils :) . 💋LIPS: ✍🏽LIPLINER: @colourpopcosmetics BFF3 👄LIPGLOSS: @bitebeauty FRENCH PRESS GLOSS in FLAT WHITE . 🎵: @purplofficial - COLD W U . #farahdhukai

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👵🏾About a year ago, I noticed a white hair pop up and I flipped out cuz im dramatic... this is what I have been using to NATURALLY tint grey hairs and keep my hair dark naturally + to prevent any new ones from popping up! Grey hair can come at any age! I get a lot of DMS from you guys asking how to prevent/tint grey hair and THIS IS IT FAM! Im so excited to share this because I’ve been personally using it for a year now! . 😊The truth is.. I don’t have a before and after for you because when I get an idea to try a NEW DIY.. I make it for personal use, without the intent of posting it on the internet. I randomly tried this when my white hair popped up cuz I NEEDED IT MYSELF and I LOVED the way it worked! DIY ISNT JUST FOR THE GRAM.. its a lifestyle for me. Take my word for it.. its hella inexpensive and AMAZING for your hair! . 👇🏽ALL YOU NEED: 🌱HANDFUL OF FRESH SAGE (5-6 leaves) ☕️TEA BAG — BLACK TEA for DARK HAIR, CAMOMILE for BLONDE 💦1.5 CUPS OF WATER . Add the water and sage to a pot Bring to a boil Smoosh the sage in the simmering water Turn off the stove steep + let cool Strain + transfer to a spray bottle . 🔥I USE THIS as a LEAVE IN AFTER I WASH MY HAIR! I find it works best like that. (I spray THIS FIRST and THEN my Rosemary conditioner that I showed you a few videos back. I USE BOTH!) 🙌🏽Use it once a week to keep the greys dark If you have a lot of greys, I suggest using this every night and leaving it in ur hair through the night for 2 weeks straight and you’ll notice a HUGE difference and then you can move onto maintenance which is once a week! . 🤤WHY THIS IS THE BEST: Sage not only naturally darkens and prevents grey hair but it also: Helps GROW HAIR! Helps THINNING HAIR Helps DANDRUFF CONDITIONS HAIR Makes it SHINY and SILKY Soft Basically SAGE is a herb that = HAIR GOALS! . 👍🏾this video if you want more like this and TAG A FRIEND WHO COULD USE THIS!👇🏽 . 🎵: @a.chal - 000000

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🌞Hi id like to call todays look - dressing up as the sun from the teletubbies because I live in Canada and its still snowing and sunshine warmth? Who is she we dont know her🤷🏽‍♀️ . 💙Im starting off by giving my skin some LOVE and MASKING with @farsalicare HYDRATION BAE — I’m leaving this on while I work on my eyebrows, eye makeup and body glow. Then im gonna burst the hybubbles and let them work their plump magic . 🤔EYEBROS: ✍🏽PENCIL: @benefitcosmetics PRECISELY MY BROW PENCIL .. im usually #6 but today im using #5 because thats the only colour I had for some reason but it worked out well though because it softened up my brows and didn’t make them too dark 👨🏾GEL: @benefitcosmeticscanada 24-HOUR BROW SETTER . 👀EYES: 👅SHADOW: @hudabeauty NYMPH in APHRODITE Im applying this ALL over my lid it looks SO beautiful and gives you that wet look without being wet. Im also applying this all over my bawdy and on the apples of my cheeks 😻LASH GROWTH SERUM: 🙌🏽🔥check out my IGTV to get the recipe for this! (The vid right before this) #REALLASHES 💥 👌🏾LASH CURLER: @lancomeofficial - just curling my lower lashes 🦅MASCARA: @milkmakeup makeup KUSH mascara . 🤡FACE: 🤩BRONZER: #milkmakeup BLAZE matte bronzer 👹FOUNDATION: @stellarbeautyofficial LIMITLESS foundation in S14 😴CONCEALER: #hudabeauty OVERACHIEVER in GRANOLA ❄️POWDER: @beautybakeriemakeup FLOUR setting powder in TRANSLUCENT GLOW MIST: #farsali ROSE GOLD SKIN MIST ✨HIGHLIGHTER: @amrezy X @anastasiabeverlyhills . 👄LIPS: 💋LIP PAINT: @fentybeauty UNLOCKED stunna lip paint . 🎵: @a.chal - EXOTICA . #farahdhukai #farsalicare #fentybeauty #diy

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This DIY SERUM is SUPER CHEAP, 🏃🏽‍♀️Second of all, it takes less than a few minutes to make 🙀Most importantly of all, IT WORKS!! 😱I USE IT ON MY LASHES AND BROWS AND HAIR! . 🤔ALL U NEED: 💧1 CUP WATER 🍪2 TBSP FLAXSEEDS . 💦Add water to pot 🍉add flax seeds 🌪STIR let it boil - it bubbles up real quick so keep an eye on it 🌊KEEP STIRRING so the seeds DONT stick to the pot Youll know its ready when the “water” goes from a runny consistency to a clear gel Once it becomes sticky and stringy (like you see in the video) 💥STOP the heat 💨LET IT COOL COMPLETELY . transfer everything to some PANTYHOSE 🌛and SQUEEEEEZE all the gel out and APPLY! ⭐️*store in fridge for up to 2 weeks* 🌟*use any extra serum on your hair! . TAG A FRIEND WHO COULD USE THIS!! . 🎵: @naomithewild - LA LA LAND

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Your local internet Aunty Jasmine and Uncle Aladdin serving dat pani puri heat . 👨🏾 @lifeofsal 👑 @alacouturebyruma 👗 @poonamskaurture

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YOU KNOW I LOVE DIYS! - they’re cheap, natural and work amazing.. however, just because its natural doesn’t mean that you should be careless with it. You still need to take proper care when using a diy cuz if it’s done the wrong way (just like regular skincare) it can be damaging. I wanted to repost one of my older (but still one of my fav) DIYS because I’ve seen some ppl recreating this video of mine, but are missing A VERY IMPORTANT STEP, which is to COVER YOUR HAIR + make sure it’s damp when you have clay on it otherwise you’ll cause breakage and frizz and damage your hair!! . 🍗ALL YOU NEED🍗 KAOLIN/WHITE/CHINA WHITE clay MIX - let sit for 10 min - apply to DAMP HAIR + skin you want to lighten/even out -wear a shower cap - dont let clay dry on hair. IT WILL GET DAMAGED IF YOU DONT COVER IT! -wash after 10-15 min NO SHAMPOO NEEDED (u can take a clay bath if u want) . 🎵: @fruity4tuti - BAD

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THEN vs NOW😱 👨🏾#20yearslater I swapped my moustache for lipliner . 🥰The pic on the left was one of the happiest days of my life (which is why I wrote I love you on the pic) because I was OBSESSED with @therock and my mom had just bought this shirt for me. I never took this shirt off... I wore it everyday until it literally disintegrated off of my body lmao I was hella happy to rep my love for The Rock and let the world know: I, FD, Stan The Rock with all of my mustache until laser hair removal do us part😂 . I wasn’t allowed to have crushes on boys until I was married 😂, so basically I played it off as me being a “tom boy” who wants to BE the rock (I walked around like I had gigantic muscles hence the fist in my pose, and tried to do his signature brow raise but with a unibrow It jus looked like a caterpillar) but really I was IN LOVE with him haaah Sorry mom you’re just finding this out now ha ha! . 🤓The other day my mom pulls this shirt out of the basement that she’s been saving for 20+ years and I just had to recreate this picture. This shirt, to me, is a symbol of my moms love for me. The fact that my immigrant mom who knew nothing about wrestling went out of her way to find The Rock stuff for me and encouraged my love of wrestling and and let me be ME, means more to that lost and confused hairy little brown girl that was once me, than anything in this world. THAT is what makes my mom the real champ of the world. . 😚Also thanks mom for never changing ur calendar location or blue carpet. And for sewing my pants. Which later had holes in the crotch that you stitched up at least 18 times. and for that haircut that you gave me. with a bowl. An uneven bowl. You the real mvp.

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👳🏾‍♀️I’d like to call this look: trying to be cute on Instagram and doing my makeup while wearing a white robe and white towel while pretending like I don’t have a care in the world when in real life I was stressed TF out cuz i was trying not to stain my white towel+robe with makeup but really I got makeup all over both almost instantaneously #farahdhukai . 👀EYES: 👁LINER: @maccosmetics COSTA RICHE liner.. this is the best chocolate brown liner of all time. U need dis. 🌶MELTED SHADOW: @hudabeauty MATTE & METAL MELTED shadow in HOT SAUCE - im applying this all over my lid and lower lash line… make sure to work on one eye at a time cuz once these babies dry, they’re not moving! 🍓EYESHADOW: @dominiquecosmetics BERRIES & CREAM PALETTE - WARM PIE in the crease, inner and outer third of my lid and lower lash line, HONEY DIPPED on the centre of my lid for a POP..and then blending the edges out with whatever left on my brush 🦋MASCARA: @hourglasscosmetics CAUTION mascara #REALLASHES #maccosmetics #dominiquecosmetics #hudabeauty . 🤡FACE: 💧GLASS SKIN: @farsalicare LIQUID GLASS 🥶BLUE PIGMENT+ FOUNDATION: @lagirlcosmetics BLUE MIXING PIGMENT.. I have the hardest time finding a foundation that matches me 100% exact so I like to use pigments to alter the shade. The foundation I’m using today is an inexpensive one from LA GIRL that I LOVE but the shade should be called Oompa Loompa and not Golden beige cuz its 50 shades of carrot🥕.. so im using the BLUE to tone down the orange 🌝CONCEALER: @fentybeauty PRO FILT’R INSTANT RETOUCH in 300 ❄️POWDER: @milanicosmetics TRANSLUSCENT light to medium #01 .. this is my fav powder of the moment!! Cheap + works amazing = yess maam ✨HIGHLIGHT+BRONZER: #hourglasscosmetics AMBIENT LIGHTING EDIT UNLOCKED palette 💦GLOW MIST: #farsali ROSE GOLD SKIN MIST and you know I had to drench myself in this while bathing in golden hour sun #farsalicare #fentybeauty #badgalriri #milanicosmetics . 👄LIPS: 💄LINER: #lagirlcosmetics ENDLESS lipliner in COCOA 💋LIQUID LIP: @natashadenona MARK YOUR LIQUID LIPS in AU NATURAL #natashadenona . 🎵: @fruity4tuti - NEED YOU

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💪🏾WHAT I USE FOR STRONG AND SHINY HAIR! . 🤔I shared this tip 5+ years ago on my YouTube & I’ve had so many people tell me how much they loved this, so I thought I’d re-share for those of you who haven’t seen it! . ☕️steep rosemary in water just like you would tea --wait until it’s cool. You can use dried rosemary or fresh! Spray damp hair & air dry or style! . 🍦Rosemary promotes hair growth, prevents hair shedding, makes hair super shiny & is an amazing natural conditioner! . 🎵: @saticamusic - honey whiskey . Want to see more vids like this? Lemme know!👇🏽 . #hair #naturalhair #diy

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BANGIN . Nothing worse than a brand new nose growing off the side of your face.. so im using ICE to calm it tf down. DONT POP your pimps that leads to scarring.. ice is a great way to soothe the pimples so they can stay flat while you look cute. Im using ice globes but u can totally use ice wrapped in something since that’s easier to get and cheaper . Also.. since I have been breaking out. Thanks constant weather changes in Canada… im not wearing FOUNDATION OR CONCEALER OR HIGHLIGHTER! Less is more when your skin is textured and bumpy and highlighter is a def NO MAAM cuz all it does is emphasize texture! so im gonna show you how to use powder to make it look like you’re wearing foundation and how to make the powder look like SKIN! . 🤡FACE: 💦GLOW MIST: @farsalicare ROSE GOLD SKIN MIST - Im spritzing this ON my face AND ONTO my beauty sponge and then going straight into my powder ❄️POWDER: @sephora collection MICROSMOOTH BAKED powder in TAN for my entire face and MEDIUM for my under eyes. This is the BEST powder you will ever buy in your entire life I wish it came in more shades! 😊BLUSH: @essence_cosmetics MOSAIC BLUSH in THE BERRY CONNECTION on the apples of my cheeks. dont use a blush that has shimmer cuz it’ll emphasize pimples 🐸once you have all the powder on your face, MIST your face AGAIN to melt all the powder into your skin. This is IMPORTANT!! Once you mist your face all the powder LEGIT looks like skin and like you’re not wearing anything at all! . 👀EYES: 💧MELTED SHADOW: @hudabeauty MATTE & METAL shadow in FAUX FUR EYESHADOW: @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina RIVIERA PALETTE - ESTATE all over the lid, BAHAMAS in the inner corner. Blend out the edges of Bahamas with estate one more time just to make it looks seamless and so it doesn’t look like I have pink eye 🔪LINER: @lorealmakeup LASH PARADISE LIQUID LINER in BLACK 🦋MASCARA: @patmcgrathreal FETISH EYES mascara #patmcgrathlabs #reallashes . 👄LIPS: 💄LIPSTICK: #hudabeautypowerbullet in GRADUATION DAY I’m using some of the #hudabeauty melted shadow in FAUX FUR right in the centre of my lips to lighten the lipstick up . 🎵: @maddy.slay - wildfire . #farahdhukai

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